Serenity Revolution

To best support individuals, companies, and communities, Serenity Revolution uses Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching/Mentoring, and Certified Integrative Healing techniques to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Coupled with authentic life experiences, strong guidance and education, we have the tools for your journey. This is where you can start your revolution to your new life!

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Sara Brooke Wolf

Sara Brooke Wolf (aka Gypsy Wolf)

Born in Casper, WY, Sara has lived in multiple states and countries, including CO, CA, Costa Rica, and Colombia. She now resides in Phoenix, AZ. She discovered yoga in 2005. The practices she uses today helped her to navigate the passing of her Mom due to Cancer, addiction, co-dependency, abuse, self-sabotage, childhood trauma, rejection, unworthiness, depression and fear. In September of 2015, she sold everything to travel and continue learning and sharing her gifts as a healer and teacher. She is a Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Integrative Healer(using Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils, Intuition.)

In addition, Sara was led through a very intense healing program, with the help of her first mentor. Her personal transformation through this program led her to become a Certified Healing/Spiritual Mentor so that she can share with others the gifts that have been given to her. Always guided by her strong intuition, Sara knows that teaching and healing/mentoring work are her true passions and life’s calling.

The road she has traveled as well as her personal healing work, solidifies this calling. She exudes very strong, loving energy and has a deep connection with the spiritual world and nature. She loves to practice and teach all limbs/branches of yoga, especially meditation.