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Reiki Level I & II 

Level I:  Sunday  June 3, 2018

Coming from Japan, this sacred healing tradition will allow you to discover your ability to heal yourself. Reiki energy can heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You will be guided through the history of Reiki, receive knowledge of the Mikao Usui lineage, taken through the sacred attunement, and assisted as you discover how to use and share the universal healing energy in a responsible way. In addition, you will be prepared for a 21-day cleanse of the Chakra system, and receive your Reiki 1st Degree Certificate, as well as a Reiki Manual, and your own attunement crystal.

Level I is a full-day training to help you integrate into the Reiki energy with balance. We will break for an hour and go to late lunch/early dinner together. You will be able to perform Reiki on yourself, animals, and plants. You cannot administer Reiki on other humans until you are Level II.

Level II will be held Sunday July 8th, 12-4pm. This day will include learning how to perform Reiki on other people, and practicing on one-another.

Please bring a journal & water bottle.
Sunday 6/3: 11am- 6pm
Sunday 7/8: 12pm-4pm

Level I= $300*
Level II= $300*
*If you purchase both at once, then it’s $500 for the two trainings.*
Payment plans available. Please Contact Sara to make your deposit. 619-602-4018


Reiki Level II 


***You MUST be Level I/ 1st Degree Certified in order to take this training***

Next training: July 8, 2018


@Revitalize Bodywork Studio

18440 N. 7Th Street Unit 14

Phoenix, AZ 85022

Contact Sara to make arrangements: 619-602-4018




Saturday  May 19, 2018

McQueen & Ocotillo

Chandler, AZ


Come celebrate life with us and learn some ways you can improve your life & health, and of course….CHEERS with some wine and new friends!!!

If you know me, you know how much I love socializing, and sharing my tools of wellness with others. So why not combine the two?

It’s getting hotter in the desert, and with summer coming, let’s get a plan on how you can survive the heat, and keep your body and mind in balance.

My co-hosts & I will provide the wine. We will have iced tea as well for those of you who don’t consume alcohol.

***RSVP required so we can purchase the correct amount of beverages.***

Feel free to bring your spouse, or friends!

Message Sara to RSVP or with any questions. 619-602-4018

Hugs & Love,
Sara Wolf

ps: There will be a 2 drink limit for adults driving for safety purposes. If you wish to have more, please byob, and take an Uber!


Monthly Events:

A Yin-Ki Experience

Yin Yoga + Reiki + Sound Healing/Crystal Sound Bowls

First Friday every month:  7-8:30pm 

@NAAM Yoga Studio

5050 E. University, Ste. 114

Mesa, AZ 85205


Text/call Sara to sign up: 619-602-4018


First Sunday every month: 6:30-8pm  

@Revitalize Bodywork Studio

18440 N. 7Th Street Unit 14

Phoenix, AZ 85022


Text/call Sara to sign up: 619-602-4018



Face to Face/ Heart to Heart

Saturday, June 26, 2018

June’s topic: Self-Sabotage; Identifying & Overcoming

2:30-4:30pm @ Walk In Wellness

4527 N 16th Street,

Phoenix, Arizona 85016

This is a Free event, to build community & provide a place for us to openly meet & discuss with no judgement or negativity. There will be a different topic every month.

Donations will be accepted for the use of the space, if you so choose, but not mandatory. 

Please share this with your friends, on your pages, and walls. 

All discussions will be led by Sara Gypsy Wolf. A Reiki Master-Teacher, with certifications in: Yoga, Integrative Healing, and Spiritual Mentoring/Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. 

If you have questions, please contact her at 619-602-4018

Hugs & Love!!!







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