Reiki Session with Crystal & Oil Therapy

Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing practice. Its name, acquired from Japanese, means universal life energy. It can balance the mind and body, while helping to balance chakras and assist in mental and physical illnesses. It is a hands-on/off healing touch modality while you relax on the healing table. The Healer will incorporate Crystals, as needed. Naturally derived from the earth, crystals carry both piezo and pyro-electric abilities. They can channel energy and focus, store, transmit or transmute that energy. While you relax on the healing table, a crystal grid will be placed under you, then upon, and around you. The session will begin with guided meditation, and will conclude with a special vibration-balancing with tuning forks.

$95- 60 minutes / $125- 90 minutes

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Using ancient wisdom from India, we will gain knowledge on your specific Dosha (mind-body type), and determine your Vikruti (current state). This will help us to pinpoint the imbalances in your life, and create a personalized program to acquire balance and a healthy state of mind and body.

$45- 60 Minute

Holistic Lifestyle/Spiritual Mentoring

A Spiritual, Health, & Wellness Lifestyle Transformation

These personalized sessions will guide you through the greatest journey of your human existence — the journey of personal transformation. This is a unique approach to healing and transformation that offers one-on-one intuitive guidance and support. These personalized sessions assist you in becoming aware of all aspects of Self and provide tools that will allow you to transform your life at the deepest level. As you are guided through different stages of your life journey, you will discover how to heal the deeper wounds and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns. Working with Sara will provide you with the platform to truly live the life you came to live, a life filled with joy and vibrant health, unconditional love and fulfillment of your destiny.

***Please book a free consultation at the bottom of this page to ensure it is a proper fit.***

Private Yoga or Yinki Lesson

Yoga‎ Alliance RYS 200 Hour Certified Instructor will lead you through your yoga practice. You will meet with the instructor first, so together, you will be able to create a class design specifically for your needs, with meditation beginning and ending the class. This is for a one on one basis, at your desired location.

***Please book a free consultation at the bottom of this page to ensure it is a proper fit.***

Essential Oil Raindrop Technique

We use the world's highest grade of therapeutic oils, with molecules so small, they are absorbed immediately into the skin and delivered throughout the entire body. A series of oils are gently drizzled, one by one, along the spine, and then fanned out along the nerves. Tuning forks will then be used to finish off the session and create balancing vibrations. The healing properties of the oils react with the natural electrical frequencies in our bodies, providing the following benefits: - detoxifying - relieves inflammation and pain - loosens tight and sore muscles, tendons, ligaments - balances and increases energy - relieves headaches - produces extreme relaxation.

$130- 60 Minute

Essential Oil Emotional Release Technique

Using the world's highest grade of therapeutic oils, we can access the limbic region of the brain. This is where emotional trauma is stored into our cellular memory and the only sense that can access, and begin to release those emotions, is smell. After we do a consultation to determine which emotion(s) to release, you will lay face up on the healing table and be guided through the process with the oils. This is extremely beneficial to everyone, no matter where you are at in your life's journey.

$150- 90 Minutes

Reiki Certifications

Become‎ Certified in Reiki First, Second, or Master Degrees. This will deepen your connection to the energy around you, and prepare you for the ability to heal others. Please email us for a more in-depth description.

***Please book a free consultation at the bottom of this page to ensure it is a proper fit.***

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