Day 32

Books & Butterflies

Today is actually day 55 since I left the USA. Day 32 was just the FIRST really hard day I’ve had since leaving home. This one is going to be pretty raw and blunt, so please proceed at your own risk……

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Sarita’s Surroundings

My Tropical Day

My tropical day:

Wake up with the jungle. Literally. An alarm is not needed, at all! The daytime energy begins between 4:30-5am…

(Pictures of the family and home are scattered throughout this post. Much appreciation to Rosi and Julio for inviting me into their beautiful home that they built themselves.)

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Home and Heart

Traveling to Lose

Before leaving the States, this wish crossed my path many times from different souls:

“I hope you find what you’re looking for.”
Every time, my first thought was, “But I am not looking for anything.” It later dawned on me, instead of finding something, part of my travels were to include losing something…

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Turquoise Truth

Manifestation Proof

One month before my mom passed, and just days after my first visit out of the country to Peru, I was in the hospital with pneumonia and no insurance. During that trip I was proposed to, and said yes.

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A Mountain

Stuck Out on a Ledge of Fear and Doubt

Imagine a giant mountain. Some are very happy walking around the base of the mountain. Some like going up slowly. Some fast. Some half way, and some backwards. My desire is to dance and sing on the very tip-top; no matter how the journey goes. Admittedly, I’ve been stuck out on a ledge of fear and doubt. Not only from Continue reading “A Mountain”

I Wake Up

When Something is About to Exit Our Lives

I wake up loving my bed, every day, more and more. Why is it when we know that something/someone is about to exit our lives do we appreciate it/them more? I have no doubt about how amazing yet challenging at times this next journey will be. To follow this calling as a healer/volunteer of love and light has been my dream for quite a while! I feel excited and honored to be able to share the gifts I’ve been given, all over the world. When you follow your true dreams and what inspires you and makes you the happiest, you can never fail!

Hugs & Love,

Gypsy W.

Serenity Revolution

Gypsy Wolf Diary

Clearing Out

Exactly 30 days to go!

Exactly 30 days to go!!!! Continuing to clear out more and more “stuff” from my home and life. The space that is being created within me, feels very good, and very new. Have not had this much room in my heart for a long long time. Actually, cannot remember when I have ever felt like this. This week, will be focusing on what exactly I can fit in this dark-scarlet-red backpack… Good luck! 😉

Hugs & Love,

Gypsy Wolf

Serenity Revolution

Gypsy Wolf Diary



Walking Through Fear

Leaving Everything I Know

This is a LONG one…worth it!!!!

We grow from walking through fear. Two big ones for me are:

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