Turquoise Truth

Manifestation Proof

One month before my mom passed, and just days after my first visit out of the country to Peru, I was in the hospital with pneumonia and no insurance. During that trip I was proposed to, and said yes.

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Clearing Out

Exactly 30 days to go!

Exactly 30 days to go!!!! Continuing to clear out more and more “stuff” from my home and life. The space that is being created within me, feels very good, and very new. Have not had this much room in my heart for a long long time. Actually, cannot remember when I have ever felt like this. This week, will be focusing on what exactly I can fit in this dark-scarlet-red backpack… Good luck! 😉

Hugs & Love,

Gypsy Wolf

Serenity Revolution

Gypsy Wolf Diary