I am familiar with Reiki healing, however this was my first experience with Crystal Therapy. Sara began the session by guiding me through a lovely meditation to help me feel calm and centered. During the session I felt relaxed but I definitely felt the intensity of the crystals working with the Reiki energy healing on certain chakras that really needed to be balanced. After the session, Sara briefly discussed which chakras she felt needed more healing. These were the exact areas I felt the intensity of the crystals working through and releasing stuck emotions. I not only left the session feeling revitalized, but a deep sense of clarity about my own healing process and journey. Sara is professional, passionate and a dedicated healer! I would definitely recommend her services to everyone!

Cristina Bonilla

San Diego, California

I was referred by several people to visit Sara Wolf for a Reiki session. I was unfamiliar with that form of healing, but, I was open to the idea of trying it so I made an appointment.I have never felt so relaxed, comfortable and peaceful in such a vulnerable state. Sara did everything she could to make sure my body and mind were at ease and did a wonderful job explaining how Reiki works, why it's practiced, etc. After the session, Sara and I explored certain emotions I've been having, how it affects my body and potential causes for those feelings. I have never felt so at ease talking with someone about such personal emotions and how I can continue the healing process. I was so happy with my Reiki session, I made another appointment for Emotional Release. I can honestly say, it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! After I picked a prominent feeling I've been struggling with, Sara explained to me what oils she would use to help release the emotion. Throughout the session I felt at ease and a little excited to see what could potentially come of this session. The feeling I chose to explore was hostility, something I felt was consuming a large part of my life. Sara explained to me that the days/weeks following, I may experience intensified feelings of hostility. I may be emotional and should listen to my body and mind and embrace what I was going through. . . She was right. It was a tough week for me emotionally because I had to allow myself to be vulnerable to my feelings, allow myself to cry and most importantly, allow myself to heal. Acknowledging my feelings was tough but so very important. It's been several weeks since I saw Sara for emotional release and I feel great. I feel clear, happy, peaceful and excited again. My personal relationships have improved and physically I feel better. I highly recommend visiting Sara! If you've never tried any of the treatments before or if you have doubts, it's extremely worth trying! I believe Sara can help anyone who has an open mind, open heart and genuinely wants to feel better emotionally and even physically.

Keara O'Mara

San Diego, California

Sara is wonderful! She did an Angel Card reading and Reiki treatment. I didn't know what to expect. I was so relaxed and Sara makes you feel so comfortable, and very easy to open up to her. She is truly a natural healer

Enjolie Levy

Poway, California

This was my first Reiki session and I was absolutely amazed. Sara is a very kind and knowledgable soul. I received the crystal therapy and felt balanced and very at peace after my session! I'm looking forward to another appointment with her!

Amy H.

Long Beach, California

I would like to start off by saying thank you to Sara. Whether this be your first time, or more of just a reassuring push onto a new path, I believe Sara to be accommodating. Her comforting and nurturing self are sure to make all feel welcomed!


Torrence, California

Sara has amazing and powerful healing energy, which I feel every-time when attending her classes and sessions. The Yinki Yin Yoga with Reiki classes were a big discovery for me - such a unique and relieving experience during and after, it just blows my mind! Thank you for your dedication and for sharing your wisdom!

Tomas Gurvicius

Medellin, Colombia

Sara is an amazing soul! I have had the great joy of experiencing both Yinki and a private reiki session with her in Medellín. She creates a wonderful space for her clients to feel safe, accepted and most of all loved unconditionally. She has a true talent and we are so lucky to have her share it with us. The yin yoga/reiki class is a perfect way to distress and accept where you and your body is at in that moment. The private reiki session was amazing. I felt great afterwards there are no words to describe it except for LOVE! Thanks so much Sara, you da bomb.

Alexa Dev

New York

I have received multiple sessions with Sara and each time I leave feeling empowered and so much more clear mentally, physically and energetically! She has a way with her words and listens beautifully when I open up about how I am feeling or what is going on in my world! I recommend taking one of her Yinki® classes or having a one on one session with the powerful woman.

Alexandra Smith

Carlsbad, CA

Sara's Introduction to chakras was truly enlightening!! Her class providing more information than I could absorb. It really helped me understand where I am out of balance and things I can do to help put things back in balance. Thank you Sara!

Melissa Saraceno

San Diego, CA

Sara and Omar made a great team at the Aug 4 Workshop in Tempe. Information was given in such a grounded way and turned into a conversation with the entire group connecting personally. I really enjoyed how rounded the experience was with yoga, meditation and Omar on singing bowls. Sara didn't just talk, she showed us how to walk the walk. I left feeling grounded and so focused. This is great stuff.

Jen Childs-Clements

Tempe, AZ

Sara is a goddess. A one of a kind teacher and class. Loved the reiki and yin combination.

Georgina Marques

Whales, UK

Sara's Yinki class was amazing. As it was a yin class (slow, lunar, soft) I was completely surprised to find myself completely spent after class. I actually had to lay down for 20 minutes before doing anything afterwards! I was truly shocked with the depth that her class reached into my body. There's no doubt energy was moving, old blockages and patterns were breaking up. I've never had an experience like that before! Completely recommend!!!!

Anna Sedlar

Ann Arbor, MI